Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Specialized Needs

Commercial kitchen in Los Angeles

What Makes a Ghost Kitchen Function? A commercial kitchen or “ghost kitchen Los Angeles” typically contains a variety of specialized equipment designed for high-volume food production. Here are some examples of equipment you might find in a commercial kitchen: Overall, a commercial kitchen will have a wide range of equipment designed to handle the unique…

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Gas or Electric?

Gas burner at Los Angeles area ghost kitchen

Ghost Kitchen Stoves Usually Opt For Gas Our ghost kitchen Los Angeles has the latest in commercial cookware and we specifically chose gas grills and burners because of the control it affords. But the debate rages on as to which is preferable: gas or electric. The choice between gas and electric heat for restaurant kitchens…

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A Look At Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial bread oven in ghost kitchen Los Angeles

Los Angeles Ghost Kitchens Use the Best Ovens Ghost kitchen Los Angeles like Airport Ghost Kitchen utilize the top-of-the-line equipment and for good reason. These pieces of equipment will see heavy use with commercial-grade pots and pans and they need to stand up to this use. There are many different types of commercial ovens available…

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Big Ghost Kitchen Players

Spacious ghost kitchen Los Angeles

An Overview of Large Commercial Kitchen Companies Our ghost kitchen Los Angeles is ready to take on any chef of restaurant that needs the space to create great meals and our facility can handle just about any need. There are, however, huge mega-businesses who cater (pun intended) to some of the top restaurant brand names…

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Ghost Kitchens Are Not Spooky

Ghost kitchen wok

In Los Angeles They’re a New Way of Life As a ghost kitchen Los Angeles rental, we join the growing list of these commercial kitchens which populate not only the Southland but the whole country. There’s actually nothing scary about these food preparation locations. The term ghost is meant as a synonym for “invisible” since…

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