Commercial Freezers Reviewed

Ghost kitchen Los Angeles means top of the line equipment and tools. Prior to cooking, chefs need to keep food items fresh or frozen. Having a good commercial freezer is paramount. Our thanks to Craig, the author of this article we’re reproducing from the website.

A commercial freezer is worth much more than simply the price of the appliance itself. When filled, they can have thousands of dollars worth of inventory inside. When a commercial freezer stops working, it can lead to panic and bring business to a standstill. Reputations can swiftly be lost if food is spoiled.

It’s easy to see why choosing a reliable, durable commercial freezer is essential. We have done multiple hours of research on your behalf and scrolled thousands of reviews to ensure you can get the best commercial freezer for your specific needs.

Benefits of Commercial Freezers to Keep Stocked Full

When looking at cost alone, it can be tempting to opt for a residential vs. commercial freezer for your business. However, take a look at the numerous benefits of purchasing a commercial freezer to keep stocked full at your company.

Portability – Commercial freezers are often more portable than residential models. Many are designed to be moved while heavy and filled with stock. If portability is essential to your business operations, then look for models with built-in castors.

Durability – Commercial freezers are typically made with all-metal components for extra durability and to withstand a high level of wear and tear from consistent use.

Energy-efficient – Commercial freezers are built with energy-efficient materials and components which will limit electricity bills. Since these freezers are typically opened more than their residential counterparts, this benefit can add up to considerable savings.

Visibility – Commercial freezers are designed for straightforward viewing of stock. This limits the time that the freezer needs to be open and ensures inventory is well accounted for.

Functional – Commercial freezers come in many shapes and sizes, but all are meant for maximum functionality. Adjustable shelves, interior lights, workable countertops, or castors ensure that the freezer is used to its fullest potential while limiting wastage and labor.

Size – Commercial freezers are not always huge, but they are built to work seamlessly within the space provided. Sliding doors ensure that less space is required around the freezer, limiting the need for expensive commercial floorspace.

Location – Commercial freezers are designed to be used in hot restaurant kitchens. The machine might need to work harder to get the interior down to temperature, but this is what they are designed to do.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Commercial Freezers

Best All-Round Commercial Freezer

Arctic Air AF49 Two Section Reach-in Commercial Freezer

Smooth, stainless steel construction

It’s easy to see why the Arctic Air AF49 Commercial Freezer won our award for the best all-around commercial freezer. Every bit of the 49 cubic food capacity is easily accessible. The three shelves are adjustable, so tall items and boxes are no problem. The epoxy coating on the shelves ensures that cleaning is simple, and the bottom-mounted compressor is located at the front for ease of accessibility.

open commercial freezer

Commercial freezer display units
Commercial freezer display units

The three shelves are all adjustable, making even more use of the huge capacity.

The temperature display is on the outside of the unit for straightforward monitoring, and the doors are self-closing, so it doesn’t even matter if your hands are full. The doors are also independently lockable, which means that you can keep this commercial freezer outside or in places with minimal supervision. The Arctic Air AF49 Two Section Reach-in Commercial Freezer is a favorite for restaurants, cafes, and catering companies as it can withstand rigorous use while still being surprisingly affordable.

Pros    Cons

49 cubic foot capacity           Warranty does not cover residential use

Each door is lockable            It can be loud when operational

The castors lock in place     

Excellent value for money  

Straightforward installation           

Our Verdict

The Arctic Air AF49 Two Section Reach-in Commercial Freezer is as close to perfect as an all-around commercial freezer can get. Any kitchen would be happy to have this freezer assist in making their operations more streamlined. The doors remain open at 90 degrees or self-close, so you can keep your hands filled. This appliance is easy to set up, simple to use, and incredibly durable, which is precisely what you need in a machine meant for commercial use.

View the Arctic Air Commercial Freezer on Amazon

Best Single-Door Commercial Freezer

Interior of commercial freezer
Interior of commercial freezer

Arctic Air AWF25 Single Door Reach-in Freezer

Castors are included for ease of movement

Arctic Air wins again! Their AWF25 Single Door Reach-in Freezer is, hands down, our favorite single-door commercial freezer. Why might you ask? Because this commercial freezer gets down to temperature quickly and efficiently. In fact, you can plug it in and expect the interior to be below zero in less than half an hour. This aspect alone makes the AWF25 ideal for catering companies that need to set up large appliances on-site. The only drawback is that it isn’t well insulated, so it doesn’t seem to withstand power cuts well.

The Arctic Air AWF25 Single Door Reach-In Freezer comes with lockable castors, making it easy to move the machine around even when fully loaded. It also boasts an external LED temperature display and a lockable door to keep your valuable stock safe. The three shelves are adjustable and epoxy coated for easy cleaning. For a single-door fridge, this is amazingly spacious and slim enough to fit in tight commercial kitchens.

Pros    Cons

25 cubic foot capacity           It is loud when operational

It quickly gets down to temperature          Poorly insulated

Digital temperature display on the outside for easy viewing     

Internal light

Our Verdict

On-site catering companies and businesses looking for a commercial freezer to fit into tight kitchens will love the Arctic Air AWF25 Single Door Reach-in Freezer.

The 25 cubic foot capacity is surprisingly spacious, and the three adjustable shelves ensure you can customize the machine to your needs. It is economical, easy to transport, and simple to get working right out of the box.

View the Arctic Air Freezer on Amazon

Largest Commercial Freezer

Commercial grocery store freezer units in Los Angeles
Commercial grocery store freezer units in Los Angeles

Kitma Commercial Upright Freezer (FCB72F)

The three doors will stay open at 90 degrees

Sometimes bigger is better, which is most certainly the case when it comes to the Kitma Commercial Upright Freezer (FCB72F). You’ll get almost 70 cubic feet of freezer capacity! The best part, though? You don’t need to be rummaging around to find what you’re looking for since the nine adjustable shelves can be customized to your requirements. They also have a shelf slide design making it even more straightforward to get what you need when you need it in a hurry.

The stainless-steel construction is durable and will hold up to consistent use. You don’t even need to be deterred by the size and anxiety about the electricity bill; the Kitma FCB72F saves up to 40% by having a bottom-mounted compressor design. The digital temperature display and control system is located outside the unit, so you can easily monitor and adjust as needed.

open freezer with 3 door

Includes 9 shelves and 4 castors to customize to your needs

We need to note two cons for this commercial freezer, with the first being more of a consideration.

If you have all of your stock in one freezer, you need to ensure that it is dependable. While we would trust the Kitma FCB72F, it does mean that you might be holding a lot of stock in one place rather than dividing it amongst multiple locations. The other negative is that it comes with four free castors, though we would recommend adding more for more effortless mobility, especially if the freezer tends to be fully loaded.

Pros    Cons

67.99 cubic foot capacity     Large size might not fit in tighter kitchens

Nine adjustable shelves       Additional castors needed for ease of mobility

Energy-efficient design       

Self-closing and stay open doors    

Includes Four free castors  

Our Verdict

If you are on the lookout for a big commercial freezer, then the Kitma FCB72F Commercial Upright Freezer should be a consideration. In addition to having almost 70 cubic feet of capacity, it is energy-efficient, straightforward to control, and has adjustable shelves. The price is on point as well!

View the Kitma Freezer on Amazon

Best Double-Door Display Commercial Freezer

Commercial freezer with French doors
Commercial freezer with French doors

Peak Cold Double Door Upright Commercial Display Freezer

When you are selling frozen goods to the public, presentation and display are integral to commercial success. The Peak Cold Double Door Upright Commercial Display Freezer can benefit shops, convenience stores, groceries, delicatessens, and more. The top display panel can be customized with your branding after purchase.

The eight adjustable shelves are epoxy coated for easy cleaning, and the 45 cubic foot capacity can hold an immense amount of stock right where you need it most for maximum sales. However, keep in mind that the doors swing out rather than slide, so this appliance will require the appropriate space around it to accommodate opening doors.


Includes 4 castors bringing it to a height of 84 3/8”

Unlike many commercial freezers, the Peak Cold Double Door Upright Commercial Display Freezer has a warranty covering both commercial and residential use.

Pros    Cons

45 cubic foot capacity           Swing doors rather than sliding

Eight adjustable shelves     

LED lighting  

No drain required    

Display cover can be customized   

Our Verdict

It’s hard to go wrong with the Peak Cold Double Door Upright Commercial Display Freezer.

Whether you need a commercial freezer for a storefront, restaurant kitchen, or in your garage at home, this freezer makes it straightforward to know precisely what inventory you have on hand without needing to open the doors. The eight shelves are adjustable, and the display panel can be branded after purchase to make this unit customizable to your specific needs.

View the Peak Cold Double Door Freezer on Amazon

Most Durable Commercial Freezer

Crabs in commercial freezer Los Angeles restaurant
Crabs in commercial freezer in Los Angeles restaurant

Trustech Maxx Cold Sub Zero Commercial Chest Freezer (MXSH7.0S)

Lockable lid for security even when kept outdoors

The Trustech Maxx Cold Sub Zero Commercial Chest Freezer (MXSH7.0S) is a fantastic option for storing frozen foods such as ice cream, desserts, bags of ice, or meat in the 198-liter capacity. The refrigeration system can be used in locations with temperatures as low as 0 Fahrenheit or as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The white powder-coated steel exterior is robust and can withstand knocks and consistent use. The interior is aluminum with 3” of environmentally friendly foam insulation that can hold temperatures for up to two days without electricity.

freezer with meet inside

The unit includes one wire storage basket, which does seem ludicrous. Please do yourself a favor and buy additional baskets from the get-go as you are going to want them. Chest freezers are notoriously bad for viewing the contents, so make your life a bit easier and plan your organization before items get lost in the depths.

Pros    Cons

Includes one storage basket            Additional storage baskets would need to be bought separately

Lockable lid    It can be challenging to view the contents

Sturdy construction 

NSF certified 

Adjustable feet or castor wheel options available

Can stay cool for up to 2 days without electricity

Our Verdict

The Trustech Maxx Cold Sub Zero Commercial Chest Freezer (MXSH7.0S) is excellent value for money. It freezes to perfection and solidly constructed. You can’t fault this appliance when it comes to doing precisely what you want a freezer to accomplish.

Where it will let you down is accessibility, since it can be challenging to view the contents or find items located near the bottom. We wouldn’t use this commercial freezer for consistently going in and out of, but we would highly recommend it for long-term storage of goods.

View the Trustech Maxx Chest Freezer on Amazon

Best Chest Display Commercial Freezers

Ice cream inside industrial freezer
Ice cream inside industrial freezer

Lucky Kitchen Supply Commercial Curved Top Chest Freezer

Display your frozen product for maximum sales

The Lucky Kitchen Supply Commercial Curved Top Chest Freezer is perfectly suited for convenience stores and take-away restaurants. Your customers and staff can easily see the contents without needing to open the unit and let all of the cold air out.

The doors have safety locks, so you don’t need to worry about keeping this commercial freezer outside of your shop or in areas with minimal supervision. The Lucky Kitchen Supply Commercial Curved Top Chest Freezer is straightforward to defrost when needed as it includes a manual drain plug for easy cleaning.


Pre-installed swivel castors for smooth mobility

The swivel castors are pre-installed, making this unit simple to move without causing any damage to your floors. Along with the four included wire baskets, you can plug this appliance in and have it operational and making you money in no time flat.

Pros    Cons

12.5 cubic foot capacity        Not a large storage capacity

Four wire storage bags are included          No auto defrost function

Lockable doors for maximum security      

Our Verdict

The Lucky Kitchen Supply Commercial Curved Top Chest Freezer would be a fantastic addition to many businesses that require their goods to be on display for maximum sales. Whether filled with ice blocks, ice cream, frozen ready-made meals, or meat, we trust that this unit is just the ticket to get your cash register churning.

View the Lucky Kitchen Supply Chest Freezer on Amazon

Best Commercial Freezers to Keep Stocked: A Quick Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to shelling out for a commercial freezer, you want to ensure that you pick the right freezer for your specific needs. Commercial freezers are expensive, but the contents are often even more valuable, so you want to purchase a quality product. Here are some things to consider when making the decision about which commercial freezer to buy.


Take a moment to consider the best commercial freezer size for your requirements. If you get one too small, you will constantly be rearranging items, or you may eventually need to buy another freezer. If you get a commercial freezer that is larger than your needs, then you will be paying additional electricity costs for no reason. Moreover, the larger the freezer, the larger the footprint in a commercial space that is likely already tight.


Think about what your commercial freezer is going to be used to keep. Also, think about if the commercial freezer is going to be displayed to the public. These two aspects will significantly affect the layout requirements that you need, including the number of shelves or baskets required. You will also want to consider the number of doors on the commercial freezer and how they open. Swing doors require much more room to maneuver than sliding doors which are ideal for tight spaces.


Commercial freezers need to have powerful compressors; however, many people forget to look into the compressor’s placement. Top-mounted compressors for commercial freezers typically last longer; however, they are not ideal for hot environments. Bottom-mounted compressors are easier to access but do require increased cleaning and maintenance since they are more prone to getting dirty.


Commercial freezers take a beating whether they are in a back storeroom, kitchen, or for public access. Ensure that the commercial freezer you have your eye on has strong hinges and robust closing mechanisms. You also want it to seal perfectly to avoid any cold air escaping.

Energy Consumption

It can be tempting to save money upfront and purchase a second-hand or older model commercial freezer. However, you need to be mindful of your commercial freezer’s energy consumption, as this can significantly impact your electricity bill. Ideally, look out for newer models that are Energy Star certified.


Commercial freezers sometimes have thousands of dollars’ worth of stock being held at any given time. If you want to ensure the contents are kept secure at any given time, then look for a commercial freezer that is lockable.


It’s a fact that something will inevitably break on your commercial freezer, no matter how well you take care of it. Look for a commercial freezer brand and model that has a dependable warranty and access to replacement parts. Regular maintenance and cleaning will almost certainly extend the lifespan of your commercial freezer.

Choose commercial freezers in Los Angeles wisely


What makes a freezer commercial grade?

The main difference between a residential freezer and a commercial-grade freezer is the size. A freezer meant for a home can typically hold enough that an average-sized family would need. Home freezers also don’t need to be overly robust since they shouldn’t experience as much wear and tear as one in a busy restaurant or shop.

What type of commercial freezer is best?

The exact type of commercial freezer that is best for you will depend on your specific needs. We have included below the various types of commercial freezers and listed the pros for each.

Commercial Chest Freezers

Commercial chest freezers are the most similar to their freezers found in the home. They are short, broad, and have a hinged top. Commercial Chest Freezers are often cheaper than other commercial freezer types and work well for boxed items or easily stacked items. However, they do not allow for easy stock rotation or visibility. While the lid can be used to store items, these would need to be removed every time freezer access was needed.

Commercial Under Counter or Worktop Freezers

Although generally the smallest of commercial freezers, under counter freezers are designed to keep items close at hand where they are needed most. Rather than storing large volumes, under-counter freezers are used in prep areas to keep the ingredients frozen until required. These freezers typically have one or two doors or drawers for easier access. Worktop commercial freezers are similar but are designed so that the top of the freezer can be used as a commercial prep area.

Commercial Glass Top Freezers

Commercial Glass Top Freezers are excellent for display purposes and are used in convenience stores or fast-food establishments where the customer can see the contents. The glass top also limits the need to open the freezer doors to inspect the contents for inventory.

Commercial Display Freezers

Commercial Display Freezers are common in convenience stores and grocery stores where customers are able to access the contents themselves. The glass doors and interior lights ensure ease of visibility and limit the need to keep the doors open.

Commercial Roll-in Freezers

Commercial Roll-in Freezers are designed to accommodate an entire rack that can be rolled directly into the freezer. This is an excellent option for bakeries and hotels that rely on high-volume food preparation.

Commercial Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers are used in commercial kitchens that need to get their food safely and quickly down to lower temperatures. The speedy process ensures that the food keeps its freshness while also increasing productivity.

Commercial Walk-in Freezers

Commercial Walk-in Freezers are typically customized to the available space. Rather than getting food down to freezing temperatures, commercial walk-ins are meant to keep food frozen. Commercial walk-in freezers are excellent for larger restaurants and commercial kitchens.


A commercial freezer is an essential piece of equipment for almost every restaurant, commercial kitchen, convenience store, or grocery store. Getting the right kind of commercial freezer for your space and needs is critical for ensuring smooth operations and efficiency, which leads to more money in your pocket.

When you need to keep things frozen, a commercial freezer is indispensible. When you need a rental kitchen in Los Angeles to cook those items, remember Airport Ghost Kitchen!

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