Los Angeles Ghost Kitchen High BTUs

Professional cooking equipment Los Angeles ghost kitchen

Keeping Things Hot In Our Cloud Kitchen Our Los Angeles ghost kitchen boast a whole lot of BTUs. Unfamiliar with the term? BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and it is a unit of measurement commonly used in the heating, cooling, and energy industries. It is used to quantify the amount of thermal energy required…

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Ghost Kitchen Cooking for Crowds

Tomato soup from Los Angeles commercial kitchen

Simple Tips from Our Cloud Kitchen in Los Angeles In our L.A. ghost kitchen we make sure the equipment on hand in enough to literally feed an army. For those attempting to do the same at home where are some commercial kitchen tips. When cooking for a large crowd, there are a few key considerations…

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Famous Ghost Kitchens and Chefs

Los Angeles chef creates meal in ghost kitchen

Los Angeles Cloud Kitchens In Good Company Our ghost kitchen in Los Angeles is one of many (and of course we think we’re the best rental kitchen deal in the San Fernanado Valley), but we’re in good company. Many famous brands and celebrity chefs also make use of ghost kitchens to augment how they serve…

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Cooking Sous Vide in A Los Angeles Ghost Kitchen

Sous vide meal prepared in Los Angeles ghost kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Provides Commercial Results Our Los Angeles ghost kitchen is well-stocked with professional cooking equipment, but one cooking method that many people are unfamiliar with it call sous vide. Sous vide cooking is a modern culinary technique that involves cooking food in a vacuum-sealed bag, submerged in a precisely controlled water bath at a…

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Ghost Kitchen Soup Stories

Ghost kitchen stock pots await gallons of soup

Los Angeles’ Love Affair with Soups and Which Are the Most Popular Our ghost kitchen Los Angeles serves up just about everything depending on the chef who’s using it at the time. Our extensive series of stock pots and burners mean we’re always ready at a moment’s notice for the chef who wants or needs…

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Ghost Kitchen Tour

Prep table in Los Angeles ghost kitchen

A Look Inside Los Angeles’ Newest Cloud Kitchen A Los Angeles ghost kitchen worthy of its name. That’s us, Airport Ghost Kitchen in Sun Valley, CA. For those of you who live or work in this part of the San Fernando Valley you know that Sun Valley borders Burbank. In fact our location takes its…

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Wok This Way

Wok in commercial kitchen in Los Angeles, CA.

Commercial Kitchens and Proper Use of the Wok For a shared-use commercial kitchen in Los Angeles it’s important to have the maximum amount of heat available for chefs, giving them the ability to create amazing meals with the least amount of effort. One area where this is often critical is Asian cuisine and the use…

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Chefs’ Equipment a Personal Choice

Chef using knife at Los Angeles ghost kitchen

Ghost Kitchens Provide the Heat, Chefs Provide the Blades Our ghost kitchen Los Angeles is chock full of the top chef’s equipment available, however, professional chefs usually insist on their own special items when creating a meal. Professional chefs use a wide variety of equipment in their kitchens to prepare high-quality dishes efficiently and consistently.…

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Most Popular Oven Brands in the U.S.

KitchenAid oven used in Los Angeles cloud kitchen

Ghost kitchen Los Angeles Favorites Our ghost kitchen Los Angeles needs to be stocked with reliable equipment that chefs can count on. We have our favorites but even so, there are a number of quality options in this country. There are many popular brands of ovens available in the United States. Here are some of…

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Specialized Needs

Commercial kitchen in Los Angeles

What Makes a Ghost Kitchen Function? A commercial kitchen or “ghost kitchen Los Angeles” typically contains a variety of specialized equipment designed for high-volume food production. Here are some examples of equipment you might find in a commercial kitchen: Overall, a commercial kitchen will have a wide range of equipment designed to handle the unique…

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