Ghost Kitchens Are Not Spooky

In Los Angeles They’re a New Way of Life

As a ghost kitchen Los Angeles rental, we join the growing list of these commercial kitchens which populate not only the Southland but the whole country. There’s actually nothing scary about these food preparation locations. The term ghost is meant as a synonym for “invisible” since most folks aren’t going to see—or be anywhere near—our kitchens. They’re just going to enjoy the food that’s cooked in them.

You may have heard other terms like “cloud kitchen” or “shared use kitchen” or “dark kitchen.” All of these refer to the same thing. So what’s the deal and why did we jump on the ghost kitchen bandwagon? Well in part you can thank COVID-19. When government started licking things down willy-nilly, enterprising restrauranteurs who wanted to stay afloat realized they could cook and deliver food with only a kitchen. They didn’t need a whole restaurant with all its overhead. Like those who discovered they really didn’t need to go into a physical office to do their jobs—they could work from home—ghost kitchen chefs realized kind of the same thing. They could still create great meals and sell food to patrons but without needing tables and chairs or a roof over those tables. Ghost kitchens are usually located in lower-rent areas too. Since you don’t need a fancy neighborhood to cook in the cost is reduced even more! (Read more on The Conversation website).

Ghost kitchen wok
Wok in use in Los Angeles ghost kitchen

In a way, the owners of food trucks have been doing this for years while being mobile at the same time. LA loves its food trucks and just food in general. There’s a great demand for delicious meals and ghost kitchen cooks are serving it up to Angelenos one delivery at a time.

We have been involved in the food service industry for almost a half a century, whether selling frozen treats to kids, running our own brick and mortar restaurant in the San Fernando Valley or popping up to provide eats at the many flea markets in and around greater Los Angeles (even the Inland Empire). We also maintain our own food trucks which, if you’re in the Burbank/San Fernando Rd. area, you’ve probably seen as the parade of food trucks makes its way out of town from the storage facilities just outside the Burbank Airport.

Come “haunt” our Los Angeles ghost kitchen

Because we’re food service industry pros with a long track record, it was not a hard decision to expand into the (relatively) new world of ghost kitchens. There are a number of them in the Los Angeles area but the Burbank / Glendale / North Hollywood areas seemed to have been left out—until now. Since we’re located right on the edge of the Burbank airport it only made sense to choose the name Airport Ghost Kitchen. And so we were born! We are L.A.’s newest commercial kitchen rental and the one most conveniently located near Burbank and the Eastern San Fernando Valley. Of course you can read more about our 4,500 square foot facility on other pages of our website, but it you’re an enterprising chef looking to make a splash here in L.A. without paying high rental rates.

For more info or to reserve YOUR space in our cloud kitchen, call us! Airport Ghost Kitchen will be here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!