Ghost Kitchen Cooking for Crowds

Tomato soup from Los Angeles commercial kitchen

Simple Tips from Our Cloud Kitchen in Los Angeles In our L.A. ghost kitchen we make sure the equipment on hand in enough to literally feed an army. For those attempting to do the same at home where are some commercial kitchen tips. When cooking for a large crowd, there are a few key considerations…

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Famous Ghost Kitchens and Chefs

Los Angeles chef creates meal in ghost kitchen

Los Angeles Cloud Kitchens In Good Company Our ghost kitchen in Los Angeles is one of many (and of course we think we’re the best rental kitchen deal in the San Fernanado Valley), but we’re in good company. Many famous brands and celebrity chefs also make use of ghost kitchens to augment how they serve…

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Ghost Kitchen Soup Stories

Ghost kitchen stock pots await gallons of soup

Los Angeles’ Love Affair with Soups and Which Are the Most Popular Our ghost kitchen Los Angeles serves up just about everything depending on the chef who’s using it at the time. Our extensive series of stock pots and burners mean we’re always ready at a moment’s notice for the chef who wants or needs…

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Specialized Needs

Commercial kitchen in Los Angeles

What Makes a Ghost Kitchen Function? A commercial kitchen or “ghost kitchen Los Angeles” typically contains a variety of specialized equipment designed for high-volume food production. Here are some examples of equipment you might find in a commercial kitchen: Overall, a commercial kitchen will have a wide range of equipment designed to handle the unique…

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Gas or Electric?

Gas burner at Los Angeles area ghost kitchen

Ghost Kitchen Stoves Usually Opt For Gas Our ghost kitchen Los Angeles has the latest in commercial cookware and we specifically chose gas grills and burners because of the control it affords. But the debate rages on as to which is preferable: gas or electric. The choice between gas and electric heat for restaurant kitchens…

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Big Ghost Kitchen Players

Spacious ghost kitchen Los Angeles

An Overview of Large Commercial Kitchen Companies Our ghost kitchen Los Angeles is ready to take on any chef of restaurant that needs the space to create great meals and our facility can handle just about any need. There are, however, huge mega-businesses who cater (pun intended) to some of the top restaurant brand names…

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